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(Update: June 2016)

My former high school, Timaru Girls High School (TGHS), has really got behind initiatives to help Nepal - they had already fundraised at a mufti day some months ago to assist Nepal and had previously raised $NZ434.60. They have recently fundraised AGAIN and raised more than $NZ700.00. They have also committed to help me sell my book 'The Power In Girls' in aid of Nepal. (See also our further initiative under ‘Teacher Sponsorship’.)

As part of school initiatives where a school makes formal arrangements with me (for accounting purposes), 20% of profits will go to the NZ Himalayan Trust for Nepal initiatives generally (for books sold in NZ) with the balance (80%) to Nepal initiatives outlined on this website.

For books sold through equivalent arrangements in Australia, 20% of profits will go to the Australian Himalayan Foundation for Nepal initiatives generally with the balance (80%) to Nepal initiatives outlined on this website.

With the devastating earthquakes in Nepal (25 April 2015 and 12 May 2015) and all the aftershocks, TGHS has been helping even more.  TGHS' mufti day fundraising was directed towards specific initiatives related directly to earthquake relief. For their other efforts, I am in close contact with TGHS to direct the school's fundraising to initiatives either related to supporting women and girls in Nepal specifically or to earthquake relief. 

(Please note: I am not any kind of charity or formal fundraiser. I am just someone using my own funds and helping to raise funds for worthy initiatives in Nepal)