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Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world

– Nelson Mandela

Teacher Sponsorship

‘The Power In Girls’ has teamed up with Timaru Girls High School (TGHS) in Timaru, NZ, to sponsor a teacher to teach in a remote village in Nepal called Damku in the Basa VDC.

Phambi Rai, teacher, moved to this remote village in early September 2015 and from mid-September 2015 she has been engaged to teach at Padnakanya Lower Secondary School, which is a government funded school.

In Nepal, it is really hard to get and retain female teachers in the profession for many reasons. On top of that, it is hard to find teachers who are prepared to work in remote areas. So, this is a really important mission.

As at 18 August 2015, there are approximately 250 students at the school, with 11 teachers… and a total of 2 unisex toilets?! Phambi will be teacher #12!

Timaru Girls High School students have raised funds to help with this sponsorship through mufti days and through the sales of my book ‘The Power In Girls’. (In addition, funds raised by TGHS have also contributed to the purchase of emergency relief supplies following the Nepal earthquakes of 25 April 2015 and 12 May 2015.)

Phambi teaches science, health, and mathematics. Also, at primary level, she teaches entry level English. She will move to Damku with her husband and young son.

The financial commitment for this sponsorship is for an initial period of 3 years. We also plan to assist Phambi with further English language training, when she has time between family commitments and her new role. Good luck, Phambi. We will be supporting you all the way!

Classroom In The Clouds, a local NGO in Nepal, will oversee Phambi’s overall needs, as they do for other teachers for whom they arrange sponsorship. Classroom In The Clouds do great work - also helping to build and repair schools – to see more go to

Again, the support being provided by The Power In Girls and TGHS is funding support.