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Solar Mission

With funds raised from various sources, including from sales of The Power In Girls, we will soon be launching our mission to provide funds for local people to deliver solar power into a remote village. We are currently liaising with the village on their requirements. Once we have their requirements, the required units are purchased and logistics are managed to get the units into the village, we will be good to go! More information will be reported once this mission is a ‘go’!

It sounds simple, but there are a lot of considerations, including the choice of unit, delivery, installation and ongoing maintenance.

For example, since the instructions are in English and/or Chinese then arrangements need to be made for the instructions to be provided in a way that the local villagers can understand so that they can operate and maintain the units easily. This includes providing instructions that survive the life of the units, and are provided in a way that even those who cannot read can understand. We also want to assist with support for them to install the units, to protect them from weather and to ensure they operate for as long as possible.

In essence, we will be providing the funding to meet the village requirements, having regard to the considerations above.

Update (June 2016): mission preparation is ongoing pending confirmation of village requirements so that funding can be provided.